Swarm Medical is a premier medical device distribution company servicing the Maryland, DC, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia area. Our goal is to provide clinical value to Surgeons, Hospitals and Health Care professionals by providing cutting edge technology and superior service so they may provide superior patient care. Swarm Medical is comprised of 2 Principals and 7 area consultants, adding up to over 40 years of medical device and hospital experience.


  • Spinal Instruments and Implants
  • CranioMaxilloFacial Implants
  • Osteobiologics
  • Hemostatic Agents

Over time Doctor and Patient needs have evolved. To answer these needs, we here at Swarm Medical are always researching new technology and expanding the products we offer to ensure that we are able to provide the best implant/device solution needed for a patient’s care. In pursuing that, we still realize that our service is the best product we can provide for a surgeon and their patient’s care and we will always strive to provide the highest level of service possible.